16 – 21 APRIL | MILAN

Milano Design Week 2024

At Signature Kitchen Suite, we believe that culinary precision is an art that hinges on a combination of avantgarde technology and excellent design. An ambitious goal, the result of research, innovation, inspiration and passion.

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Signature Kitchen Suite presents the latest news in its collection of high-performance built-in appliances, including the French Door 48″: today the largest built-in appliance in the high-end market. 

In the space designed by renowned Italian-Danish architects Gamfratesi, the brand’s innovations come to life with a rich entertainment programme including show-cooking with Michelin-starred chef Fabrizio Ferrari and DJ Cooking Show with Daniele De Michele ‘Donpasta’.

Eurocucina / FTK

Fiera Milano, Rho
Hall 4 Stand C19-C30

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The Art of Precision

Signature Kitchen Suite highlights one of the key elements of its home appliance offering, precision, which comes from the combination of cutting-edge technology and outstanding design. 

The Art of Precision initiative proposes a journey made up of experiences, discoveries and encounters with some of the jobs that are synonymous with precision itself.

Showroom Signature Kitchen Suite - Milano

Via Alessandro Manzoni 47, angolo Piazza Cavour - 20121 Milano
Phone 02 50020793 - Email: showroom@signaturekitchensuite.it

16-21 April 10:00 – 21:00; 18 April 10:00-17:00

The Art of Precision

Together with the masters – the aromatherapist, the glassmaker, the watchmaker, the chef, the pastry chef – you can discover the different declinations of precision in the kitchen and, at the same time, how Signature Kitchen Suite puts these principles into practice within its products, thus guaranteeing the most precise preservation and enhancement in cooking of raw materials. 

Dosing precision

Each recipe is the result of a symphony of ingredients artfully dosed and blended. In cooking, each step is essential for enhancing optimally balanced flavours and aromas. The Gourmet Chef function of our combi steam ovens enables you to dose the various cooking phases of your recipes in the best possible way, thanks to accurate and automatic programme selection. 

Visit the showroom and discover the art of dosing precision together with the Flavourist, a sort of alchemist, perfumer and chef all rolled into one, who creates and tests food aromas thanks to the perfect dosing of raw ingredient

Temperature precision

Precise temperature management is essential to getting the most out of ingredients. From cold to hot, from storage to cooking, each °C adds value to the food we eat. The convertible drawer of the French Door refrigerator ensures maximum flexibility in temperature management, for the optimal storage of your favourite foods.   

Visit our showroom and discover the art of temperature precision in the company of the Master Glassmaker, a true artist in his field, whose skill in managing temperature with the greatest precision enables him to manipulate this material with excellent results.

Timing precision

Respect for food means waiting for the natural seasonality of ingredients and enhancing them through correct preparation and cooking times: nothing could be easier with the Flex induction hob, thanks to its five separate cooking zones managed by independent timers. 

Time is also a key factor in wine production, where each phase is a precise cog in the wheel and part of a cycle that terminates with perfect bottle storage. The Wine Cave Technology of the Wine Cellar contributes to preserving wine quality in the course of time.  

Visit our showroom and discover the art of timing precision in the company of the Watchmaker, a Master craftsman remarkably skilled in working on complex mechanical systems of miniscule dimensions, yet able to guarantee great timekeeping precision, among other things. 

Precision born of practice

Behind each great dish, there is no end of trial and error learning: perfection comes with practice, passion, and the support of excellent cooking technologies. The cooking and wine classes run by the Food Academy of Signature Kitchen Suite in Milan enable you to fine tune your skills on a variety of recipes and to familiarize with the background and properties of seasonal ingredients.  

Visit our showroom and discover the art of precision born of practice accompanied by the Signature Kitchen Suite Chef. Book your Food Academy lesson now!

Presentation precision

On a par with taste and aroma, the appearance of food is an important part of the gourmet experience and therefore needs just as much attention. The “combi steam” function of the Combi steam and microwave oven heats food gradually to revive it and make it even more appetizing. 

Visit our showroom and discover the art of presentation precision in the company of the Master Pastry Chef, a true alchemist of dosing and an artist specialized in decoration.  

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