Designer fridge

Each of our designer refrigerators is built-in, flexible and panelable, with stainless steel doors that can be purchased as accessories. The French Door double door refrigerator is available with a width of 36″ and 48’’, the column refrigerators are available with a width of 24″ or 30″, with a water dispenser built into the side wall. The interiors are in stainless steel, glass and ABS for the balconies.

French Door 48”

Built-in and panel-ready, it is a true jewel of freshness, with large and versatile spaces, customisable compartments and advanced technological standards that guarantee the highest preservation performance with the maximum temperature control.

French Door 36"

Extremely flexible and spacious, ideal for families and for people who love to share their passion for good food with friends. It is made up of three separate compartments for a total capacity of 545 litres: the fridge with double doors, the freezer drawer and the central, convertible drawer.

Built-in Combinations with cabinets

Refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars are combined to obtain customised and professional solutions to be installed inside specific cabinets. Also thanks to reversible doors, the built-in combinations make it possible to create infinite possibilities, in terms of both design and performance.

Column refrigerator 24"

Each food item has its own space, thanks to the adjustable door inserts and large drawers. The stainless steel interior also allows for constant refrigeration temperature to maintain the freshness of the ingredients longer.

Column Refrigerator 30"

Each shelf features its own lighting and can be adjusted or removed as needed. Even the removable side inserts and the snack containers can be repositioned and removed for maximum flexibility of use.

Undercounter convertible refrigerator

The ideal solution for small kitchens. This product is the only one on the market that offers two drawers with customisable temperatures: the upper one, which can be set with five temperature modes ranging from -3°C to 10°C, the lower one which can be converted into a freezer and which can be set with six temperature modes (from -23°C to 10°C).

Are you an architect or a design engineer?

In the 3D Library area, completely dedicated to professionals, you can find the documentation for your projects and 3D models of our products.

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