Column refrigerator 24"


The professional column Fridge

Each food item has its own space, thanks to the adjustable door inserts and large drawers. The stainless steel interior also allows for constant refrigeration temperature to maintain the freshness of the ingredients longer.

True Benefit

Induction LED lighting

The intelligent True-View™ system offers a discreet and focused light on each shelf, never directed at the eyes of the person opening the refrigerator thanks to the magnetic induction operation. Each shelf features its own lighting and can be adjusted or removed as needed. Even the removable side inserts and the snack containers can be repositioned and removed for maximum flexibility of use.

Adjustable Lift and Go™ door inserts

Each food item has its own space, thanks to the adjustable door inserts and large drawers. Even the snack container position is easy to change, higher up or lower down, creating space for large volumes such as serving plates, pie dishes, pizza boxes, salad bowls, large fruit and vegetables. The drawers also feature a well-sealed closure to guarantee conservation control and prevent humidity dispersion.

Integrated water dispenser

The cold water dispenser is integrated into the internal side wall, which is activated by pressing a lever directly with the glass. Simple and easy to use, it does not remove useful space from the refrigerator’s capacity and integrates perfectly into its design. The dispenser features a water filter that lasts six months on average, depending on usage and water hardness. The refrigerator must be connected to the water supply in order for it to work.

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30” Integrated refrigerator

Induction LED lighting. Adjustable Lift and Go™ integrated water door inserts. The exclusive Experiences.

Convertible undercounter refrigerator

Panel ready drawers. Noiseless and ideal for bedrooms, small rooms and living rooms. Self close. The exclusive Experiences.

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