Meet the architects


Signature Kitchen Suite, the brand offering top-of-the-range appliances, is proud to welcome architects and designers that will participate in two days of training at the Order of Architects of Milan, demonstrating the company’s new premium integrated appliances.

Signature Kitchen Suite takes part in the training “marathon” of the Order of Architects of Milan.

MILAN, 29-30 November 2019

On 29 and 30 November, Signature Kitchen Suite, the new brand for top-of-the-range integrated appliances, is taking part in the training “marathon” of the Order of Architects of Milan. The organisation is a national leader in promoting value and quality in architecture and design, and the training days will take place at its historic headquarters in Via Solferino, in the heart of the Brera district. This full-immersion professional training will be a unique initiative in Italy, and focuses on certain key concepts: design, creativity, sustainability and ethics. We share an interest with the professional members of the Order for values connected with superb quality services alongside cutting-edge technology. Defining functional and innovative designs are an essential part of our common mission. We offer performance, design and precision: the perfect combination that will certainly be appreciated by leading figures in the world of home design.

Pursuing the goal of “great design for better cooking”, with the support of LG Electronics, Signature Kitchen Suite was born: a brand offering integrated appliances with cutting-edge technology capable of meeting the real needs of those in the kitchen.


Signature Kitchen Suite is proud to be able to welcome the architects and designers participating in the two training days, presenting new premium integrated appliances, designed for a generation of chefs looking for the highest quality for storage and preparation of food and drink. Innovative and exclusive products that are perfectly aligned with the True to Food™ philosophy of upholding and respecting quality and taste, with the utmost care in every single action and minimising waste. Our goal is the optimisation of preparation times, space and resources. Originality, elegance and durability are the key characteristics of our appliances.

At the Order of Architects of Milan, we will present part of the Signature Kitchen Suite collection: our column fridge, French-door model, column freezer, wine cellar, compact oven, combi oven, warming drawer, induction hob and dishwasher. We will be on hand to share our know-how and offer creative and efficient solutions for various kitchen-design requirements.

To sign up for the courses, contact the Order of Architects of Milan directly, following the instructions on the website.

A broad and modern conception of luxury.

“Signature Kitchen Suite offers a broad and modern concepti of luxury, founded on an exceptional synthesis of design and functionality. This union is the basis for our range of appliances, developed to meet the individual requirements of customers, feeding their passion for good food and good wine and promoting sharing. From refrigeration to cooking and washing, all products can be connected to other home smart appliances with a Wi-Fi ready system and can communicate with the app. This allows you to receive suggestions and recipes, activate control functions and interact with the Smart Diagnosis system, which is programmed to identify any faults. Our brand’s unique True to Food™ philosophy is aimed at rediscovering the value of food; considering its origins, nutritional properties and gastronomic potential.”

Manuela Ricci, Marketing Manager at Signature Kitchen Suite