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Milano Design Week 2023


True to Food Lab is an immersive, tasting experience in the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom to discover some of the most interesting innovations in digital agriculture, for a more genuine and sustainable food future.

Signature Kitchen Suite Showroom - Via Manzoni 47, Milano
18 April - 10:00-18:00; 19-23 April -10:00-21:00

An immersive tour

Signature Kitchen Suite, which through its True to Food philosophy has always promoted a more conscious consumption of food and is a driving force behind productive realities that promote innovation, tradition and quality, has collaborated this year with the NRC’s Institute for BioEconomy (IBE), to identify five projects corresponding to new technologies that are already being used or tested by Italian and European farmers. The tour will be completed with testing of foods and beverages selected by Italian food producers who are already testing these pioneering projects.

True to Water

For better water management.

New technological solutions for agriculture use drones, satellite imagery, and agricultural weather stations to save 15%-20% of water compared to the traditional irrigation system, which more accurately detect the exact amount of water needed by the soil and irrigate only when and where needed. The system is being developed in pilot demonstration farms in several EU countries, including Italy and Spain.

True to Quality

For more sustainable production.

The apple market is among the largest in the fruit sector, and end consumers are showing an increasing focus on food quality and sustainability. An innovative, low-cost device has been designed to non-invasively detect the presence of possible mould in apple cores. It helps farmers and food companies, on the one hand, to bring only good-quality fruit to market and, on the other hand, to set aside fruit unsuitable for marketing for other purposes, such as field fertilization. This system prevents food waste in preventive way.

True to Earth

For healthier and more wholesome food.

A simple, inexpensive and intuitive app developed by the CNR to supports cereal growers and is useful for making a preliminary diagnosis of the health status of cereal crops. With a simple photograph, it detects the presence of pests or diseases in the crop; it defines the best way to intervene, thus avoiding the abuse of synthetic products when unnecessary and ensuring that healthier, more wholesome foods are grown.

True to Nature

For harvesting at the right time.

One system uses artificial intelligence in viticulture through tools such as drones, image analysis, object detection, and machine learning to map the ground and to assess the best time to harvest wine grapes, based on an analysis of sugars, size, water and berry skin thickness, to ensure better product quality and more efficient vineyards.

True to People

For safer and more conscious consumption.

Blockchain technology is applied to food to track the food and beverage supply chain to protect consumers and help them choose the most wholesome foods. It unambiguously certifies origin and product quality and helps to track and ensure transparency of the entire production chain.