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Signature Kitchen Suite comes into the new Sadler Restaurant

Michelin-starred chef Claudio Sadler recently opened his new restaurant in the Brera district, inside Casa Baglioni, offering an authentic culinary experience paired with a careful selection of wines. In his wine room, where the most prestigious table is located, the cellar wines of Signature Kitchen Suite preserve precious labels and add technology and design to an exclusive and refined space.

Balancing tradition and innovation

Art, design and gourmet dining

With a clear reference to the art and design of 1960s Milan, the dining room and wine room of the new Ristorante Sadler are elegantly furnished with custom-made furniture designed by architecture and interior design studio Spagnulo & Partners. The style perfectly reflects the culinary philosophy of the Chef, who freely reinvents traditional dishes, adding a touch of his own distinctive style.
The menu of the new restaurant is a tribute to authentic flavours, with gourmet dishes that are expertly paired with an ambitious and never banal Italian and international wine list.

Three questions to Chef Claudio Sadler

360° food and wine experience

The refined wine room is designed to host private dinners and tastings of fine wines, guided by expert sommelier Mario Ippoliti. The bottles are perfectly preserved inside the wine cellar of the Signature Kitchen Suite, which features different climate zones that can be adjusted for temperature and humidity and are made of fine materials.

We met Chef Claudio Sadler together with Resident Chef Park Kisung and asked him three questions.

The most prestigious table in your restaurant is located inside a beautiful wine room. What is the reason for this choice? 

The idea stems from the desire to give guests a complete food and wine experience that satisfies all the senses. In this intimate and refined space, guests can enjoy our dishes surrounded by beauty.


What are the most successful pairings in these first weeks of the new Sadler restaurant?

Our menu inspired by the great traditional dishes is always very popular. Our guests’ favourite recipes are ravioli all’ossobuco and risotto alla milanese, but also foie gras, a more refined food that requires extreme care and meticulousness in its preparation. All this is always accompanied by wines from our refined wine cellar.


The bottle of the heart? 

The Buttafuoco from Oltrepò Pavese, a wine rich in culture and tradition, which fully reflects my cuisine