The collection of appliances or luxury kitchens.

Our solutions offer the perfect combination of innovation, precision and design. Our complete line of exclusive integrated appliances for modern luxury kitchens offers new ways of preserving and preparing food. Superior quality and advanced technology for cooking in the best possible way and with the utmost flexibility, respecting food in all its forms. 

Innovation in your luxury kitchen

All of our appliances, dedicated to modern luxury kitchens, are equipped with smart technology to take every action to the next level, in terms of preservation, preparation and serving.

Exceptional design and performance

A complete range with clean lines that fit into the best luxury kitchens with beauty and discretion. Our appliances make every experience in the kitchen simple and hi-tech, without compromising on charm and style.

Products range

Wine cellar

It is a must in every modern luxury kitchen, to keep fine wines and beer at the right temperature and humidity.


Like freshly picked. Our fridges are built to preserve food perfectly, in full respect of the raw material.


Versatile in space, with unrivalled performance. These are the features of Signature Kitchen Suite undercounter products.

Capsule collection

An exclusive collection of pieces designed in collaboration with international architect firms.


Luxury appliances, that offer some of the best preservation and freezing capacities in their category.


A complete suite of cooking equipment: combi ovens, induction hobs, warming drawers, to express the maximum creativity in your luxury kitchen.


Thanks to PowerSteam Technology, it is possible to use the natural power of steam to clean deeply and without pre-rinsing.

Are you an architect or a design engineer?

In the 3D Library area, completely dedicated to professionals, you can find the documentation for your projects and 3D models of our products.

Our showroom in Milan

Come visit our Signature Kitchen Suite space in Milan. An active and lively place, a hub to communicate and share the True to Food™ philosophy.

Our catalogue

Our Project Catalogue expresses the True to Food™ philosophy and examines every aspect of our luxury home appliances.