Seleziona Special venues, meetings and tastings: it’s the Milano Wine Week

7-15 october 2023

Signature Kitchen Suite is a sponsor of the Wine List Italia event to celebrate passion and respect for wine.

The walk around tasting in the rooms of Palazzo Bovara on 8 October

The sixth edition of Milano Wine Week was a celebration spread out throughout the city, an opportunity for experts, wine enthusiasts and people who want to get closer to the world of good drinking to meet.

In this setting, Signature Kitchen Suite, sponsor of the Wine List Italia event, accompanied guests in discovering a selection of labels proposed by top sommeliers.  To celebrate wine and those who produce it, those who select it, those who offer it at their establishments, those who taste it.

A day dedicated to tasting some of the most precious wines: the Wine List Italia walk around tasting took place on 8 October, in Corso Venezia 51, in the rooms of the elegant Palazzo Bovara, built in the second half of the 18th century. Stendhal once stayed here, amidst frescoed rooms and precious floors, and it is here that Italy’s best sommeliers proposed their selection of labels, collected in the Wine List Italia guide of the same name.

This is the guide published by MWW Media that includes wines selected by more than 50 of Italy’s top sommeliers. Each one suggested 10 wines from their own list, classified as: the sommelier’s gem, the wines that offer the best value for money, the labels of the terroir, and the sweet sip to end a meal.

Signature Kitchen Suite also offered guests a special extra-guide list of 10 labels, selected together with Paolo Porfidio: sommelier at Terrazza Gallia in Milan, curator of Wine List Italia and Best Sommelier 2023 of the Guida ai Ristoranti di Italia, Europa e Mondo published by Identità Golose.

This special selection was perfectly in its element in the Signature Kitchen Suite wine cellar, with its essential design harmonising with the neoclassical style of Palazzo Bovara and the pop lights of the evening.

Knocking twice on the wine cellar glass activates the lighting inside, making it possible to see the bottle labels without opening the doors. The system is called Smart Knock.

The Masterclasses of 11 and 13 October in our showroom

Two days of Masterclasses open to industry professionals were held in the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom in Via Manzoni on Wednesday 11 October and Friday 13 October. Right in the heart of Milan, the Showroom space is a hub dedicated to food and technology enthusiasts.

The exhibition route enabled visitors to explore the Signature Kitchen Suite appliances on the ground floor and in the scenic Wine Lobby.

Eros Teboni, Best Sommelier of the World WSA 2018, and Alessandro Rossi, National Category Manager Wine at Partesa, held masterclasses here. The main topics covered “White grape appellations that made history”, “Red grape appellations that made history”, as well as “Classic Italian methods” and “Great Italian dessert wines”.

Courses and Experiences

Cooking classes and wine & cocktail experiences open to all enthusiasts are constantly organised in the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom.