Wine Cellar

The wine cellar lights up with a touch

Respect for food must also extend to a great passion for wine, that is what we dedicate this line of integrated modular solutions to, panel ready with reversible hinges. Available in two widths, 24” and 18”, our Wine cellar models allow us to embellish your cold wall with a professional product. Depending on the model, with capacity varying from 113 (24”) to 71 bottles (18”) da 750ml.

Column wine cellar 18"

The column wine cellar is equipped with a Smart Knock Door sensor: by knocking twice on the glass, the internal lighting is activated without opening the door, offering the possibility of choosing the most suitable wine at the moment, without compromising conservation and energy efficiency. Its capacity is 71 bottles.

Built-in Combinations with cabinets

Refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars are combined to obtain customised and professional solutions to be installed inside specific cabinets. Also thanks to reversible doors, the built-in combinations make it possible to create infinite possibilities, in terms of both design and performance.

Column wine cellar 24"

This Signature Kitchen Suite Wine Cellar, integrated or panel ready, can hold 113 bottles. It guarantees the perfect preservation of various wines, thanks to separately adjustable temperature and humidity zones.

Undercounter wine cellar

The Signature Kitchen Suite undercounter Wine cellar was designed paying the utmost attention to the correct storage of wine. Designed to reproduce the ideal wine environment: the Wine Cave Technology™ reduces temperature fluctuations and vibrations to a minimum, guaranteeing the maximum protection from those elements that could compromise product quality

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