The Signature Kitchen Suite warranty on appliances

All of our home appliances fulfil the Legal warranty duration of 24 months. You can consult the warranty certificate that came with your product.


By Signature Kitchen Suite

To know the specific duration, terms, conditions, limitations and activation procedures for each product covered by the Signature Kitchen Suite warranty, consult the warranty certificate attached to the product.

The Legal Warranty lasts for 24 months from delivery of the product and is provided by the seller from whom the product was purchased. Under the Legal Warranty, a consumer who has notified the seller of defects in the goods within two months of their discovery is entitled to have the nonconforming product repaired or replaced, or may ask for an appropriate reduction in its price, or for the purchase contract to be terminated.


After-sales services

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Priority Service

The guarantee for preferential access and activation of a specialised Signature Kitchen Suite technician assistance.

Smart Check

Signature Kitchen Suite Service is available to help your technicians install the appliances.


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