Freezers with an essential design and optimal preservation

The Signature Kitchen Suite designer freezers are available in two widths: 18″ and 24”. Combined with column refrigerator models, they allow you to create unique solutions. The column freezers can be customized with panels or the stainless steel doors available as an accessory kit can be fitted. They are devices that work with extreme precision: only 1°C tolerance.

Column freezer 18"

From the control panel it is possible to modify all of the temperature settings, ice production, WI-FI function. It is exceptionally quiet and its Compressor-Inverter guarantees less wear than traditional compressors, for longer life and optimal performance

Built-in Combinations with cabinets

Refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars are combined to obtain customised and professional solutions to be installed inside specific cabinets. Also thanks to reversible doors, the built-in combinations make it possible to create infinite possibilities, in terms of both design and performance.

Column freezer 24"

Optimal temperature control, Inverter Linear Compressor for greater duration and top performance, True-View™ intelligent system for a discrete spot light on each shelf. All of the features of our integrated column Freezers are included in this version, which is the largest in the range.

Are you an architect or a design engineer?

In the 3D Library area, completely dedicated to professionals, you can find the documentation for your projects and 3D models of our products.

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