Combi steam oven


Combi steam oven with 20 recipe settings

Designed to preserve every property of the food, without compromising on any of their intrinsic characteristics. The Signature Kitchen Suite combi steam oven offers 18 cooking settings that combine steam and air, and 20 pre-set “Gourmet Chef” recipes that can be selected simply from the LCD Touch Display. The steam cooking intensity can be regulated.
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Combi steam and hot air cooking

The combination of hot air and steam allows you to prepare any type of dish, soft or crispy. The programmed recipes of Signature Kitchen Suite combi multifunction steam oven will help you find the ideal combination. The steam is generated by a tank containing up to 1 litre of water. The descaling and residual water drainage function ensure that only fresh water is always used. The evaporation function then perfectly dries any residual condensation in the oven.

7” Colour LCD Touch Display

All functions can be controlled through a colour touch display, with incredible definition. From here, you can check precisely how your oven is working at that moment: telescopic probe icon, child lock, demo mode, WI-FI, remote start. Everything is indicated with specific icons. When the oven is in operation, the strip at the top of oven lights up red.

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Experience in Milan

The Food Academy Signature Kitchen Suite is waiting to offer you a world of True to food™ experiences: cooking class, wine experience, cocktail experience.

Warming Drawer

Perfect combination. 4 warming settings. Quality materials.

Combi steam oven with microwave

Microwave Function. Customisable volume and display brightness. Speed Clean. The exclusive Experiences.

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